Sunday, June 6, 2010

Your Heart Is Your Expense Account

What's happening with money?

In the western countries, the supply of money is rapidly diminishing for most and greatly increasing for a few.

Most money does not evaporate into the air. If the money in your bank account or your paycheck is less than what it was a year ago, that's not because the money vibrated to a different dimension. The money is located right here and now. It's just in someone else's possession.

So as much as we'd like to keep our money and all the things it's bought us, our money is going away.

Why? What's happening?

Basically, we're pulling away from money. No one is stealing it from us. It's going away because we are withdrawing our energy from it.

If we were supporting our money with our belief in it and our nurturing of it, it would stay with us. If we used it more and had more of it to use, it would stay with us. Not only that, it would multiply for us by attracting a lot of other money to it.

But we're not doing those things.

Instead we're withdrawing our energy from money because we've started seeing it for what it is, not for what we made it into. What it is is paper and metal discs.

These simple items used to have lots of value and power because we used to agree that we'd see them that way. We put our energy into money. We collectively propped money up with our ideas of power, productivity, usefulness, and most of all value. We built civilizations around it.

Those civilizations are in the process of crumbling, as you know. Doesn't it fit very well that the presence of money would now be contracting rather than expanding? Our ideas about money changed, then our economic systems began to crack. It didn't happen the other way around.

That means there's nothing wrong with you or anyone else if your money supply is dwindling. You're right in the swing of things.

You may protest "But I want money! I need money!" But you have experienced many times that anything you truly desire you get, and quicker and quicker. So where's the money you claim you want?

More importantly, why are you still grasping tightly to the idea of money as useful? "Because my bank wants it, my landlord wants it, the utilities want it, the supermarket wants it, my kid's school wants it, my wife wants it, the gas station wants it, my credit cards want it, my husband wants it, my retirement plan wants it, my insurance plan wants it.." Nowhere in there did I hear you say You wanted it.

Maybe in the higher reaches of your mind you know you have something else. Maybe this knowingness has trickled down into your conciousness.

Maybe you're beginning to realize no one has taken your money away. You have released it. And maybe you're starting to understand that you're in a new day.

In this day, your heart is your expense account.

Open your heart. Somebody has given you a letter of credit with no limit. Your expenses are covered. You've got backing all the way down the road and then some.

Allow this Love, because that's what your heart opens for, to flow into you and through you.

Feel gratitude.

Watch every single good thing begin to stream in to you. Pay attention.

We have no needs, we never have. But even at this stage of the game it's still a little fun to pretend we do, and pretend we have to pay prices.

Let this new way of feeling come into your experience. Don't abandon your old way just yet. Let the new way be gradual so things don't start feeling scarier than they already do and then start producing scary-based effects.

An economic system is crumbling. You are not. You existed long before the money you made, and you will continue to exist during money's peak and final deflation.

You are loved. By grace you have been safe in Love since you came into being.

Open up and let Love come through your heart. Take this literally. Let Love in. It has the power to transform everything, including the feeling of needing to rely on money.

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