Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Be Born Two Times In The Same Body?

We've heard the reasons. But I really like to know first hand. While by grace I am getting to know a very little bit first hand, the rest I tend to guess about or not think about at all.

I'm guessing that because we're moving into a new experience a redesign is necessary. So that a person can be in the experience.

A pure-energy 24 cylinder engine, (an inadequate analogy but thank you if you go with it for now), probably wouldn't fit into the vehicle we have. We're gonna need a bigger boat. Bigger in power and efficiency. So it makes sense that the new vehicle/boat would be energetic rather than dense if it's going to hold a super engine which is also energetic rather than dense.

The new boat and engine are designed to fit the new environment they're made for.

Why are we being presented with the option of a new environment? No clue. I have not found an answer to that question.

But, we're getting little peeks of the new environment more and more every day. It seems much faster and more responsive than the environment we were first born into. I don't know what other traits the new environment has. Others who are there long enough to get a good look send back messages like's not too bad...

Ideally, I aim to chronicle more than speculate. So I'm willing to watch and see. I am very much enjoying that process; I hope you are too.

Love to all,

Friday, December 18, 2009

A New Push

The Change seems to have taken on a new intensity and a new speeding up. As fast as time seems to be going, as many things that have happened and are happening, somehow there is an even more forceful impetus propelling things right now.

We are getting "riper" exponentially. The more ready we get the more ready we get. We are heading towards something at an ever faster rate. Some of us have already reached a crisis and have "tipped". There has been an irrevocable turning point. We know it with every bit of our being. Something has really changed. Something is really new. These are the people who are feeling the new ascension indicators.

Others are feeling as if they are in a headlong rush to somewhere but they don't yet know to where. (Actually the somewhere is to their tipping point - as they will find out when their time is right.)

Depending on the person, this rush is being objectively observed or fully felt. If feeling is predominating, it could be a feeling of fear, of joy, or a swinging back and forth between the two. This feelingness probably is set to continue until some sort of stability is reached, and then there's a rest, and then the next series of movements begins.

Moving to a higher vibration is a process. Even though we may experience a sudden and permanent change, that is not the end. There's more to come.

This isn't a tv show where things get wrapped up nice and tidy; this isn't a fairy tale. This is a rise in vibratory rate and it is going by its own fluid, living, plan. It's not a blueprint anymore, it's a cascade.

Wherever we are in the stages we can expect our experience of the Change to keep spiraling and spiraling. There may be pauses, there may be rest periods. But the event itself will continue until it is complete.

Ascension is coming in phases, like pregnancy does. Pregnancy may occur in an instant, but that's only the beginning. With pregnancy a process is put in place that eventually culminates in a birth. The moment of inception started the pregnancy and will fulfill it with the delivery of the new creation.

That's the way it is for people who are in the rising vibration. It's as if we are getting born after we're already born. Who would have dreamed it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More And Newer Ascension Indicators

There are more and newer Ascension indicators. What is Ascension doing? Can we classify its phases? Can we assimilate its phases?

From what is being reported and from what I know myself, it seems that some people may be experiencing one central event in different ways. Or there may be a set of different events that some people are experiencing. Or both scenarios could be occurring.

People are now speaking of:

A sense of something having changed within them

A feeling of not knowing exactly what has happened

A feeling of familiarity and knowing exactly what has happened

A feeling of energy moving within their body

A new experience of sound distortion, especially from radio and television

An increasing experience of freeze framing, frame dragging, or a sense of the
world just stopping then starting up again - sometimes at high speed

A feeling of expansion; a sense of there being no limits

A feeling of elation

A sense of surprise at the utter suddenness of the change

An increased awareness of, and interest in, the concept of "Soul"

A feeling that they are more themselves than they used to be

A feeling of release

A feeling of fear and doubt

A feeling that they are not who they used to be

A feeling of change in their tastes, preferences, interests, values, or style

A feeling of impatience or aggravation regarding
previously acceptable conditions

A feeling of acceptance or lack of concern regarding
previously unacceptable conditions

A feeling of energy moving into their body

A feeling of energy engaging itself to them from within

Love to all,

Saturday, November 14, 2009


At some point it will become apparent that there is no order of difficulty in Reality. We made up order of difficulty. It's the same invention as size only we gave it a different label. To quote one popular saying, It's as easy to create 1 dollar as it is to create 1 million dollars.

Or, it's as easy to stop a war as it is to shut a door.

No size and no order of difficulty. When it's time and you want to, you can See this. The light is here to boost your vision and it will do so if you allow it.

Love to all..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ascension entails many changes. One of them is that we are taking in more light. When you take in more light you start to see better. The light that's coming into people now is light of a special nature so our seeing is getting pretty good.

We're beginning to see things as they are, not as we've imagined them to be. We see that size and proportion were created by us. They don't exist in Reality.

It's important to recognize this. It moves us away from weak separatist thinking and more towards empowered connectedness thinking. The kind that goes with the undeniable oneness we can sometimes feel in moments of joy.

In those moments it's possible to see that we are our surroundings. We can realize we make sizes and proportions and degrees and pretty much everything else because they make a good setting for our purposes here.

Once we see that our surroundings are our own creations, we move a step closer to realizing we're in control of our experiences and they're not in control of us. The meaning (usually fear and helplessness) we attach to size and proportion begins to fade away. Things get leveled out.

Our power increases in the process. Every bit of false belief we see through and let go of gives us ten bits of personal power to reclaim as our own.

Now. Not being quite as foolhardy or ignorant as I've been in the past, something is apparent to me these days that wasn't apparent before. And that is that there's no statement that is applicable to all people everywhere all the time.

That is to say it may not be true for you that you are creating your surroundings and are in control of them.

There are all kinds of factors that can enter into your not being the creator of your experiences. And there are factors that can obscure your awareness that you can be the creator of your experiences.

However, if you are reading this page the likelihood is very high that you are now - or you are on your way to becoming - the head engineer of all your experiences; the chief designer of all you survey.

What this blog addresses is that this is the optimum time to become just that, a Self Realized person. What a marvel.

When you look up at the sky, do you see an expanse of blue, or clouds in various hues from white to pink to lavender? Maybe the sky you see is a vast black background stretching for miles right over your head. A background studded with tiny sparkling lights and a glowing moon.

Maybe you're traveling across the desert and all the blackness and silence feels huge and mysterious, and you feel small and vulnerable.

It's easy to feel at risk in largeness. Sometime after we are born - not right away but some weeks after - we start to develop a sense that just about everything is bigger than us, and is therefore a threat. As we grow we internalize the idea that the damage we can do to the world is miniscule compared to the damage the world can do to us.

But now something's happening. With our increasingly sharper vision something's changing: mentally and physically we're beginning to see things differently.

This place where you are, this earth and all the things on it, is just a place. One place in trillions. There's nothing particularly safe about it; there's nothing particularly dangerous about it. It just is. You picked out this particular place for whatever reasons you may have. You could just as easily have picked someplace else.

Since You chose this place, and it didn't choose you, You are in control here.

That might take some thinking about. So go ahead...think. You can come back here anytime.


You are observing. What you're observing is simply the thoughts you're projecting. You see only what projects from inside of you to "outside" of you. In this place, You create the scenery. You can make it big and threatening or small and controllable.

You might object, I didn't create this "scenery" as you call it! I never would! Good argument. However, this is a shared reality. It doesn't even exist on its own. If you are experiencing this reality it's because you are creating it, along with many other artists. We're all creating this at the same "time".

We have lots of agreements about how and what we'll create and how things will work. You wanted such an environment and being quite capable, you have it. If you stop creating this place for one millisecond you're out of here.

You are the Writer, the Director, the Actor, and the Observer. You can focus on all roles simultaneously or have fun switching from one to another. Bottom line is You're doing it.

If ever you feel willing to accept the fact that You're doing it, then it's a very short jump to the next step. Which is the straightening out of difficulties.

Love to all...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wherever you go, whatever you do, You are becoming more and more You. This is a bonus of the amazing change this density is experiencing. People haven't been able to be wholly themselves and only themselves for tens of thousands of years. But now we're in the time.

Being one's Self is a gift beyond measure. In your Self lies a powerhouse of potential and it's all yours. Every one has this creative potential and there's more than enough stuff in the universe to satisfy every person's dreams. Again, becoming Yourself is an immeasurable gift and now is when the gift is making itself felt.

We are walking around in the time of all times. The time when uplift and spontaneous evolution are available to all, not just to the privileged elite who knew it was possible. This is the period that's been alluded to and predicted for many, many thousands of years. Congratulations, you're here, you're in it, and you're finally becoming You. If you don't want this evolution, you can step away from it. But hurry.

The person you're becoming now is a new creation. It's a blend of your Higher Self and your everyday self. This blending has happened before but not in our wave. With this new creation, the part of you that knows how you want to live is taking over. In general, you are getting into alignment with your Self. And your Self is magnificent.

How can you tell? Well for one thing, worry is slipping away from you. You might become aware of the fact that you worry less than you used to. You're letting go of worry and it is also being pulled from you. There will be no bad repercussions from your cessation of worrying. Your life will manage without it.

Think about this. A whole hour with no worries. Even a whole day. Unfathomable, until it begins to happen to you and you notice it. A worry free existence - even in little pieces at a time to begin with - is almost too much to imagine. But the "almost" shows that as a species, we've already taken a huge step forward from what used to be a wholly and categorically worry-filled existence.

Your higher self is fluffing off extraneous information that no longer serves you. It's stripping your life down to the essentials. And those essentials are simple, brilliant, powerful, and awe inspiring. Worry is one of the first things being jettisoned. It was dead weight and in the way. It was so prevalent and useless that it had to be disposed of in the first round.

In the current stripping down phase you'll see a lot of energy that is not in synchroniziation with you. You'll see it leaving you. Things, situations, people, and all the worries attendant with each of these are moving out.

You may fear loss once you see so much exiting your life. But eventually fear will go too. So there's nothing to worry about even there.

Being tenacious, fear will resist and resist till it realizes it's been cut loose. Then it will throw worry at us, but the worry won't stick, won't have any purchase. There will be nothing for worry to attach to.

Do you see how it works? First worry goes, and then "problems" go. Not vice versa.

You can stop micro managing your affairs, if that's not your interest. There is less and less for you to micro manage. Situations are smoothing out. People in your life are aligning to your model. If they aren't, they're leaving you. You won't worry much, and you might find that odd. In fact in some cases, you'll barely care. You might think Now why did I ever think I needed that person or that situation? The thing is, you are not who you were then, so it all fits.

No one is taking over except You. And it's high time.

It's a process. Can you see yourself 10 years ago? What were your major concerns then? How did you deal with them? How did you feel throughout?

Can you compare yourself today to that person you were 10 years ago? Even if you were a child then. How have you changed? Do you feel more tension or less? Do you feel more sure or more uncertain? Do you feel your life is moving faster than then, the same as then, or slower than then?

Whatever your answers, you're changing and not just in an Oh that's to be expected kind of way. Your master builder has at last arrived and it is managing your entire project.

You can exhale. Sit back and watch. Do all you feel you need to do, but allow yourself some observation room. You will see a show more fascinating than any Hollywood movie. If you can maintain the objectivity, you will have a very, very, valuable experience by just Looking at what is happening in your life at this dynamic time.

Love to all,

A Word About Mondays

How do you feel about Mondays? Do you dread them? Do you hate them? Do you feel anger and resentment when you think of yet another beginning of yet another week of doing what you absolutely do not want to do? (If this isn't you, read no further).

Do you expend a considerable amount of your energy on Sunday creating a thick, murky pool of "I hate Monday" sentiment?

You know it's our thoughts about Monday that are so unpleasant, not so much Monday itself. The universe doesn't distinguish Monday from any other day. The universe isn't even cognizant of days as we know them. We make Mondays and Monday mornings - they don't exist in Reality.

So what do we get out of hating Monday? Well, we get to wallow. That can feel comforting. Wallowing in a sty of dread can feel comforting. Especially if you have people to commiserate with on this. It's especially gratifying to immerse oneself in these kinds of thoughts when our neighbors are doing the exact same thing, behind their walls. We're all on one page together, successfully creating a huge black cloud around our buildings, our streets, our cities. It's a community of sorts.

But what if some part of us is fed up with spending energy hating Monday. What if some part of us says well, 20 years of dreading Mondays, that's just about my fill. I'm not noticing that my hatred of Mondays has made them go away. I'm not noticing it has made things better. I'm not seeing that it's done anything except give me a sense of being cocooned from Monday. However, I like that sense. I'd rather have that feeling than...what?

Maybe we don't know what because we haven't yet allowed ourselves to experience an actual Monday!

Why not? Some of these pop up: Will something bad happen to us if we stop beating ourselves up about Monday? Would we be admitting defeat? Will we lose our identity? Our self determination? Will we be all alone? Will we lose our integrity and become mindless pawns of the corporations or the state? Is our grumbling and grousing working to our benefit - working to save us from an empty life? An empty death?

Sure it's a game. It's just easy to forget that. Part of our mind thinks up a threat, offers a horrid solution to the threat, then comfortingly assures us we've made the right choice in adopting the solution.

It has its cumulative effects, this generating and absorbing of a dark cloud of negativity every Sunday. One of the effects is the more it's done, the more it seems that it really is providing a valuable service - our protection.

Not so. There is nothing about Monday that you need protection from; the very idea is nonsense. Monday isn't anything. It's a relief to finally see that fact. If you didn't already know this you can pretty easily find out for yourself tomorrow or any Monday you choose. (And right! This isn't only about Mondays...)

Love to all,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What If?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and looked online and there was $1,000,000 in your bank account. What would be your first reaction? Then what would be your reaction after that?

When the bank assures you that there is no mistake, that the transaction and the paperwork are legitimate and the money is indeed yours, how would you feel? And how would you feel after that?

The feelings you might have are something like the feelings you could have when you Know that things are different now. When you Know that amazing light is pouring in here and you can bask in it and experience its astounding effects if you want to.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and realized for sure that with all the problems around..with all the doubt, pressure, expectation, limitation, untruth, anger, resentment, aggression, self-pity and fear..that with all that, you are not bound by any of it. Defies credulity! But there it is, and how would you feel about it?

How would it be to feel like that more often, and then more often.

If while reading this you have felt something good, you get it. Some part of you understands exactly what is being referred to, though words can't quite describe it.

Extend what you have felt. Extend it and nurture it. At the same time imagine your good. Dare to dream your most good dream. Your feeling and imagining can move you along your path. Get familiar with feeling good. Pay attention to yourself and what happens around you when you're feeling good.

This exercise works well after you stop, look, and listen, and it works well when you are in the middle of a busy activity.

But it might take practice before you can feel good while you're in the middle of a busy activity. Such as meeting a deadline or attending to an emergency, or receiving notice that you have just lost everything.

So what to do? Take baby steps. At first do this exercise when you have some still, quiet, time. In a while - maybe a week or a month or a year - you might begin to feel at ease with your own good. You might have decided to give yourself permission to have goodness. It's at that point that you can gently, a very little bit at a time, begin to allow yourself to feel good even if you're in the middle of a maelstrom.

Love to all,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stray Thought

People are starting to notice the phenomenon of the stray thought.

The stray thought seems to just whimsically enter your head. It's like a little piece of paper floating by. No particular weight on it, no big emotional charge to it. Just a ho-hum, "whatever" kind of thought.

And suddenly it amazes you by powerfully attracting thoughts like itself. You'll see them. And then ultimately it manifests, powered by your desire, its real world counterpart, right in front of you. And you might think, my goodness! What has happened here?

Often the stray thought is a question of some kind. "I wonder what ever happened to ..." someone you went to school with maybe, or someone you met at a social event. And you get a call from someone who knows someone who saw that someone you were wondering about. Or you think, "I wonder what they're doing with my job application #47. It's been so long. Oh well." (Yes, the job market appears to be a mess, but we don't go by appearances like we used to). And in the morning there's an email saying they've reviewed your application and would like you to call to arrange an interview.

Or like what happened to me the other day. "I wonder where that present is, the one B gave me when he came back from Dubai in 1999. " And then suddenly the tv's talking about Dubai; the entertainment section of an old 2008 newspaper is on the table (all by itself!) at the cafe we're visiting and it's featured article is about a Di Caprio movie set partly in Dubai; a friend sends me an email about some super tall building in Dubai from whose top floor some people swear they can feel the earth rotate or some such nonsense.

The stray thought. Light and easy, but within a short time it brings the thinker a solid representation of itself. It manifests smoothly and quickly.

Why is that?

We've seen many of our other thoughts stubbornly refuse to materialize at all. "I've got to get that promotion. Just got to. Give me that promotion!" Or "I wish I could win the lottery, if only I could win the lottery, let me win the lottery, let this be my lottery.. " Or "Please, please let it be all right. Just let it be all right!"

Why is it so hard to get those wishes to come true?

Probably too much weight on them. Desperation is weight. Fear is weight. If you can manage to --- stop, look, and listen. (Yes, there it is again.) Breathe. Give yourself a break. Ease up. Go do something fun. Listen to some music. Get some exercise.

Your desire, your thought, will still be with you. Now it has a chance to soar free. You've taken the weight off. You've released your grip on fear and other negativity. They were swirling around your wish! You've allowed your wish to shed them.

You've made your wish happy go lucky, like a stray thought. You have let go. You can let go again if you want. You can let go 10 times or more, nothing bad will happen. Every time you let go you free up energy and create some space. Let go. Do it till you feel it's done. You'll know when it's time to let go of letting go.

And when you feel it, that ineffable something, you'll know the manifestation of your desire is complete. All you need do now is pay attention so you don't miss it.

Love to all...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Show Me

Do you still believe life is what it is and it does what it does with no regard for you? No connection to you? Do you still believe that you have to plan and work and make things happen by force of will? Do you think pretty words on blogs are all well and good but they don't really mean what they say?

Try this:

The next time you have a pleasant experience, trace it back. Trace it back to where it originated and how it got to you. Once you slow down the manifestation process this way, you will be able to see for yourself that the experience did not happen by accident. Nor by chance, by luck, or by the whim of someone throwing a few crumbs your way. Trace it back and you'll see what generated it.


In July I was at a home improvement store with a friend who had to pick up a simple latch to install on a gate. When we got to the checkout counter there was a box of shiny gadgets, all the same type, (I don't remember what they are called) looking up expectantly at him. "Oh look at this," he said. "Just what I needed for that project last week. But I couldn't find even one anywhere." And now here was a bunch of them, and on sale too, and right at his fingertips. He bought a handful even though the project of last week had already been completed by someone else. He said now he'd be ready for the next time he might need these items. I teased him about his desires/manifestations being sluggish. He smiled and shrugged. And then,


Sitting next to this laptop is a new remote control that has a Guide key on it. So that you can get information about the program that is on the tv screen. I wanted such a remote 14 months ago when I switched from satellite, which had Guide, to cable. But it was not possible to get the Guide feature with any remote that would work with this cable system. So I didn't pursue the matter. But yesterday something made me see this remote, really see it, for the first time. And that led to stop, look, and listen, and that led to tracing back. I wanted to know how a remote I'd wanted 14 months ago and could not get, was now sitting right here in front of me. I had assumed the way that happened was the following:

Suddenly one day two weeks ago several cable channels were no longer accessible. They were just snow. After calls to the cable company we learned that dta boxes were now required for a new digital format the cable company had decided to switch to. (Who knew the cable company was switching? I admit I don't follow very much the activities of the cable provider, though I've heard they can be titillating at times). If we wanted the missing channels back we'd need to come in and purchase some boxes. We did. New remotes were thrown in with the purchase and one of them has a Guide button. What a happy coincidence - I've wanted a remote with a guide and by happenstance here it is at last.

No. That isn't it. I think you can see that tracing this event back shows a different story. The desire for the remote popped in 14 months ago and the remote appeared last week. Why did it take so long? Because it wasn't a high priority on my desire list. Same for my friend and his offhand wanting of those hardware items. For him they hadn't been a high priority so they showed up a week after he mentally asked for them. How would things have unfolded if the remote and the other gadgets had been fervently wanted?

Find an event in your own experience and take a look at it. Do not take it's existence for granted! Do not presume you understand all about it. Stop, look, listen. Trace it back. See what you find. Start with events that make you smile. They will give you a good picture of how things work for you. You need not go into events that bring heavy feelings. And of course you will explore any events you choose. I am only suggesting that you get some "happy" under your belt before you start to trace back the disasters.

Love to all,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parent Your Genie

You can tell by now that I only post when I have something to say. When I'm not posting I'm feeling, observing, and trying to process. There are times when the processing department gets distracted by some apparent happening in 3D. To which event I give inappropriate weight for a while. And then I get back to the reality I'm increasingly paying attention to, which is not 3D. It contains 3D but is expanding past it.

The more you get quiet and breathe, the more you stop, look, and listen -- then the more your awareness and creativity and manifestations grow. Until they get to a point when they grow off of each other and make a beautiful landscape of your desires, sensitive to your every feeling, changing as you change. It's "always" been that way, it's just that we haven't seen it that way for thousands of years. Now are are again getting able to see it. The infusion of light right now is helping us see.

Do you realize what it could mean to you if your most offhand efforts produced results beyond your expectations? If your most casual thoughts manifested? It could be an experience of wonders and marvels. It could also be an experience of unexpected bumps that can hurt. (Be careful, careful, what you wish for or fantasize about!) Think for a minute what it could mean to you if your wishes came true before you had the good sense to think them through.

You certainly have enough examples from the past to refer to regarding thoughtless creations. By now you've learned you get what you ask for. And sometimes you make a mistake in your asking but you don't notice at first. And the manifestation comes out flawed. Because your genie is now awake, and has the enthusiasm of a teenager with a first crush, and will deliver anything you ask for.

That being the case it is of great importance that you to learn how to parent your genie. (Your genie is your thought and the emotion you put behind it.) Not control her, but parent her. Control involves resistance and domination. Those two have their places, but not where you're going. You parent your genie so she learns how to create what you intended, not what you actually said. You parent her to be able to read your innermost intention.

What if you want that beautiful mansion you've daydreamed about so often? And genie being who she is, you get it. And then you find out the cost of the mansion's upkeep is the same amount as your yearly salary.

Well what you do now is realize you could have been a better parent. You could have added "and I can easily afford all that goes with it" to your wish of "I'm now living in that beautiful mansion." That is loving guidance for your genie.

Or, you could have simply decreed "I am happily living in that mansion and I have no worries at all in connection with living there." That decree would have saved you and genie the work of repairing the manifestation of a desire not thought through. (Well it's not work to genie but it might seem like work to you.)

The cherry on top is that with practice, after a while you won't have to be bothered with these kinds of details. Your genie will become expert on her own at creating your desires. You will have parented her well. She will run on her own, increasingly more powerfully, more skillfully, and more lovingly as you keep giving her your desires. She will become Smart. You will become relaxed. (But do not fall asleep, stay awake!)

Bottom line, if you are practicing Stop, Look, and Listen, you are well on your way. Now it's time to add loving parenting to your genie till she learns not to listen so much to your childish "I want! "I want!" but more to your soul's real desires. Then you will be astounded at what she will deliver.

Love to all,


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stop, Look, And Listen

Remember that adage from your childhood? It's never been more applicable than it is today. If you make the time to actually stop whatever you're doing, look around you, and just listen to everything inside of you and outside of you, you will help yourself enormously. And you can make the time. These days time will bend to your wishes. (Have you tried that fun exercise of simply saying out loud: Time, slow down. Or Time, speed up. Watch what happens. Do this exercise only when you feel safe and sure.)

Back to Stop, Look, And Listen. Even one minute per day of it can be of benefit. If you have to lock yourself in a restroom to get a moment to stop, do so. Stop your world for just one minute per day. How? Breathe deeply a couple times, get quiet, close your eyes, and hold on to no thought. Watch every thought float gently by without you jumping into it. When the minute or so is up, go back about your business but this time pay a little attention to what is going on in your outer and inner life. You might notice some fascinating things. You will get better and better at noticing things as you begin to regularly stop your world for one minute. Little by little you will make discoveries.

Those of you who meditate already know. You might be wondering why I'm not encouraging 15 - 20 minute meditation periods twice per day. The reason is that most of us proceed in baby steps. Baby steps are easy and can be very effective.

Now is the time for stop, look, and listen. Let your children be aware you've chosen to do this. They may especially demand your attention during the specific times you choose to stop, look, and listen. But if you remain steadfast, they'll eventually realize that everything's fine, what you're doing is not about them, and it's o.k. to let you be.

Love to all...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's A Whole New Set Of Rules

This is what seems to have fundamentally changed: things are moving by their own momentum now. I'm speaking of personal things, not the more broad based world events we hear about every day. It's easy to see how those are flying along, but sometimes not so easy to see what's swirling around ourselves.

What does this mean? It means a lot of the things you and I have set in motion through our desire, thought, and work are now taking on a momentum that isn't entirely from our efforts. A fourth element has come in. It's as if a boosting energy has taken the reins of our projects. With our higher self's permission it is directing things as well as we could or better. We can now turn our attention to our next desire, or we can take a rest and watch what we've already created grow stronger and healthier and more self sustaining every day.

Is this true for everyone? No. It's true for those who want it and who can believe it. Who can feel it and accept it. You've seen for yourself that many, many of us are not ready to even consider easing our grip, much less actually do it. Not with our well-thought-out and detailed plans and projects. Letting go is something we hope to be in a position to do "someday", not now. Take my hands off the wheel? In this mess? Are you serious?

You envision a crash if you release the wheel. Because that's what happened when you did it before. Guess what. The past is no longer a reliable indicator of what's going to happen now or in the future. This is a whole new set of rules. There are a lot of changes taking place; we're just talking about one of them right now. And that's the one that seems to indicate that maybe, just maybe, some sort of auto pilot has kicked in, and is waiting for you to switch it on. You can now do a little less heavy lifting to get the same result. Or even a better result. Because some new energy is here and it amplifies our intentions if we allow it to. Here's the cool part: you get to decide if you want to be a participant in this or if you want to stay with the way you've always operated. The option of free choice is still here, even with all the changing. What a wonderful gift.

Love to all..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something's Changed

For quite some time there's been a small but persistent sense that something has changed. Not that something's in the process of changing, but that it's already changed.

This would seem reasonable considering all the shifting, discarding, re-arranging and re-adjusting happening in our world and in our individual lives. But if we're frank about this, isn't it our tendency to think that our internal senses and feelings aren't reliable? Yes, of course we should acknowledge them, we tell ourselves. But always we should look for supporting evidence in the outside world before we jump to any conclusions based on a feeling. Never value feelings first, value facts first. We have the programming from very early childhood and it's strong: what you detect by your five senses is real. The rest is mental, emotional, imaginary, and therefore not real. If you can't see it, hear it, taste it, smell it or touch it, forget it.

When I was a child the model was "Be cautious about your feelings because they can be unreliable. Use logic, facts, and rationality first because they are reliable. If somehow they don't work, find the flaw and make them work. If you've tried, and then tried harder, and things still aren't right, go ahead and resort to your feelings for help. If you must."

Today there's a different model in place. Feelings, hunches, intuition - they're no longer second-class citizens in the western world. They've been elevated. The scientific community is devoting a tremendous amount of attention to thoughts and feelings and how they work together to create the world we experience, including its "facts". Notice that scientists are studying how, not whether. So feelings have value. Feelings are our guides. Most of you knew that already and have lived your lives accordingly, to one degree or another.

Then what about this feeling, this gentle sense that something has really changed? This feeling is distinct and specific. It isn't vaporous. But what's it about? The world economic system? It is surely in flux and that's a "fact". Our political systems? Popping in and popping out every day. A new world order? Maybe. Show me. Because something is absolutely different - it has turned. I think this first came to my attention last summer. Maybe it's because we're heading into another summer that the feeling is coming up so noticeably now.

Love to all..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paying Attention

Took my own advice. Here's how it went:

Thursday night before falling asleep I resolved that tomorrow I'd pay more attention to the goings on around me. Friday a.m. woke up refreshed and not resenting having to go to work. That is a rare thing.

I drive the usual route. There's practically no traffic. I don't mean little traffic, I mean almost none. A dream ride. Never seen it like this. I tell myself it's because of the upcoming 3 day weekend. Maybe more than the usual number of people are stretching it to 4 days. Whatever it is, I remember to notice.

When I walk in the building I'm asked if I would mind leaving my usual duties and instead observe a new hire. Would I mind? This kind of assignment comes maybe once or twice in a year if one is "lucky". Observing means watch, answer questions, and offer helpful pointers while the observee does all the work. It's about as relaxing a day as you can have in my profession. I notice this unexpected and welcome turn of events.

Just before lunch, in casual conversation, the new hire drops a piece of information that is key to a project I've been thinking of beginning. She had no way of knowing my plans. For information I've been needing to just appear in our side conversation, well it was...improbable. But there it was and I noticed.

When the day was over I had to open my phone to double check the time. Thought the wall clock must be wrong. The day had flown by. I noticed.

On driving back, I noticed that I was feeling really good, had been all day. Why? No clue. If I knew, I'd do it more often. The good mood was good on its own but as a bonus it also seemed to affect how the day went.

All this just from a simple resolve pay more attention? It really seems like there was something more going on.

One thing for sure - when the Abraham-Hicks people say
Feel Good Now
I guess they know what they're talking about.

Love to all..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello. There Are New Ascension Symptoms

You may be wondering what is happening to you. Most likely, you are not going crazy. But if you think you are changing inside and out and from head to toe, you're on to something. The earth, and in fact the universe, are moving into a higher vibration and you are moving right along with them. Right now this can often feel like it is happening at lightning speed. That's partly because time isn't what it used to be. It is compressing. The interval between what you think of and what you experience is getting shorter and shorter.

You may have already gone through the initial ascension symptoms, (if you don't know what those are just search the web), and thought At last that's over! But now you're noticing that a whole new set of conditions have come up. Yes, the changes are ongoing. You're not alone in having reached another step in the process. Until you reach the goal your higher self has set, you'll keep experiencing effects of inner and outer change.

Since ascension isn't really an illness, we call its flags "indicators" rather than "symptoms". Here are some new indicators. If it seems any of them pertain to you, you can be assured you are in the next phase of your ascension. Actually the fact that you've found this page is a pretty good sign you're ready for your next step.

New Ascension Indicators

by Antaya

Flashes of light, especially while eyes are closed.

Vibrations in different areas of the body at different times.

Negative emotions leaving more quickly than they used to.

Days of unusual clarity and lightness; days of feeling deeply stuck.

Days when life seems still. A distinct desire to get out
and push life back into action.

Increasing telepathic awareness on your part.

Seeing a mental picture abruptly freeze, then start moving again.

Seeing a wish appear before you've even completed wishing it.

While you are wide awake and busy, feeling as if you are
simultaneously having a completely unrelated dream.
As if you were living more than one life at a time.

Feeling a vague sense of guilt. Feeling undeserving.

Feeling a sense of abandonment.

Asking yourself where you are.

Asking yourself what you are supposed to be doing at the moment.

Having dreams of sorting through old clothing, or packing,
or moving, or all of these.

Having insights that last no more than an instant and that you
often can't remember in their entirety.

Feeling as if you are dangling.

Having unfamiliar equations, number patterns,
or other measurements cross your mind

Sometimes encountering a blank space when you try to remember

Experiencing mixed feelings of astonishment and disbelief when
you look back on the person you used to be.

Having dreams of or feelings of or an actual experience of
being evicted.

Having a sense of an impending explosion or other volatile activity.

Having an off and on desire to escape back into your former persona.

Having less trouble being honest than previously.

Noticing that you're starting to be able to
handle the truth a little better than previously.


The change is a process indeed. There will be more indicators as
you move along. Not to worry because generally speaking, as they arrive you will already be equipped to manage them.

Love to all..
+ Antaya +