Friday, January 29, 2010

How Can I Know Where I Am In The Process?

The number one answer to that question is, "Ask Your Self". Your Higher Self will tell you exactly where you are. It will tell you the actual fact in a way you'll understand. It's like that. You might get an answer immediately or you might get an answer
within a few hours or in a day. It won't take a long while.

"What if I don't have a speaking relationship with my Self?"

Establish one.


Sit down in a quiet place. Take a few slow, deep, breaths. Mentally say to your Self, "Hello." (Just to let your Self know you acknowlege its existence at last). Then say "Self, I am here. I want to establish communication with you. Right now I want to ask you Where Am I In The Ascension Process? I'm listening for your answer and no one else's."

"What if I don't get an answer?"

That would mean you're not listening. You may be wishing, hoping, guessing, wanting, or worst of all -- trying. Stop all that and listen.


There is no "how". Just relax and know that you are already open to hearing your Higher Self's voice. Relax in the knowledge that you are already capable of hearing quite clearly.

A second way to get an answer to How Can I Know Where I Am In The Ascension Process? is to observe your experience. Focus in on a particular time period. Maybe the last 30 days or maybe the last 1 year. Compare it to the 30 days before or the 1 year before. How are you doing?

Don't forget that not everything has to look wonderful at first glance to actually be of value. What is helpful is to look at the line, the overall trend up to now. How does that look? How do things feel? That's how you can know.

"What do I do after I find out?"

What do you want to do?

"Ramp up my progress."

There's really no need for you to do that but if you want to do that it's as good an activity as any other. There are lots of ways to ramp things up. Here's three:

a) dialog more often with your Higher Self

b) set aside 3 minutes a day for either meditation
objective (no judgement) observation of your own behavior

c) get physical exercise

"I just want to get off this train."

You can do that in lots of ways. Here's three:

a) see yourself getting safely off a train that has come to a full stop

b) tell your Higher Self that you choose not to be a part of
this higher vibration; that you want to continue on
in 3 dimensional experience

c) see yourself living life as you've mostly known it,
and to the best of your ability and with integrity

"I don't know, I don't know. Regarding this whole thing, maybe I just better wait."


"Wait? Hey that's him. I'm not waiting. I'm going to act now."


"But everything is not quite right yet! You should wait until things are more lined up. Wait til you have a better chance.."

That's an argument that's been made a lot. And it had a point once. It's just that what is happening now has nothing to do with chance. There is nothing to wait for anymore. You are at your crossroads. You are at the station. At this point one either gets on the train or off it. Waiting is inappropriate because the train has arrived - it is right here, right now.

Some of us are waiting not to get on or off but to make a choice about that. It's ok, all of it's ok. The blessings that are pouring down on us will dance right by our side until we feel we're ready to choose. The blessings are ours to keep, wherever we are, whatever we decide.

But don't expect time to wait. Time is the train and it's on its own schedule. It's here for us now but it won't be here indefinitely. It wasn't designed to be. Whatever you're going to choose, whatever you're going to do, this is the moment.

Love to all...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Using Your Dreams To Become Your Self

In this ascension process you might have come to realize and accept that you are a multi-dimensional being. You are living many "lives" simultaneously, right this minute.

This fact may have come to you like a packet of light bursting open above your head.

It might have come as an experience of your heart opening in a big way.

It might have come in your mind's vision. You might have actually seen yourself living, acting, feeling, being, in an environment other than this one. In a setting of "the past", "the present", or "the future". You might have looked like you do now, or you might have looked slightly different or you might have looked way different. But you know it's you.

Or, the fact might have come to you because of a dream.

As stunning as it can be to realize that you are a multidimensional being, there's an even bigger discovey ahead. As if heightened mobility like multidimensionality weren't gift enough, you get more: the opportunity to become healed and whole. And to experience the new level of living that goes with that.

Here's an example. When you wake up from a dream and clearly remember it, you see yourself in the dream interacting with others and doing whatever you're doing.

But while you are dreaming, do you clearly remember that you are actually asleep in your place right here on earth in this time period?

It's beneficial to remember that, and quite possible.

Because something happens when your other you 's - in dreams or otherwise - start becoming aware of the you right here.

When your other you's start to remember that they are you, you all begin to unify. And when you start coming together, pulling your selves together, you gain energetically. You begin to be one whole being instead of multiple splinters. You all become more of your Higher Self. You regain your natural abilities that have gone unused for so long. Abilities that once seemed possible only in legends and tales.

As the process of integration continues you start to take more charge of your experiences. Happily, you've already started taking charge of your experiences to an increasing degree. The synchronicities and miracles showing up in your life are evidence of that.

But now you have another tool - dreams - to give you yet another boost. You can use your dream time in every 24 hour cycle to enhance your becoming. Then things will move even faster. Which is helpful if you plan to stay in this accelerated time as long as possible.

Once you're in charge of your experiences more than you're the effect of them, everything changes. Once you are the concious creator of what goes on in your world, you're over the hurdle. You've pretty much won the game.

Before you go to sleep say, "While I'm dreaming, I'm going to remember who I am." Eventually during dreams you will have concious awareness that you are here on earth, dreaming of yourself in one of your other life experiences. That you in the other life experience is a gold mine of energy that you can integrate into yourself, and the other you can integrate you into him/herself. It's all you.

Now is the time to conciously remember all of who you are and not forget it again. You're going to use this information more and more. We have loads of help with this and any other effort to move ourselves up. Ask for help from whomever you trust. You have loving friends all around who are waiting for a word from you, just waiting for you to ask.

Love to all..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where Are We Now?

If you're readier now than you were in 2008 - 2009 you might be feeling a bit of the blahs.  Sometimes it seems like absolutely nothing is happening.  Kind of  like a 13 year old whose hormones are raging but whose life keeps plodding boringly along.  Please know that it only seems that way.  Plenty is happening. 

This is 2010 and by most accounts by the end of 2012 those of us who want it will definitely be out of the blahs - to say the least.  We'll be in a surge of energy like we've never known.  It's hard to imagine something we've never known so enough said.  But the new way is supposed to be very fulfilling.  If some of the indicators we've already experienced are any clue, the future is bright indeed. 

A suggestion for making it through the doldrums is to play.  Try manifesting something; that can be a lot of fun when done with a light touch.  Don't really care if it happens or not.  And make it something small.  How about a piece of shiny red cloth, or maybe a baseball.  Something you don't ordinarily see around you all the time.

Take a brisk walk.  Play a Wii game.  Do some stretching or get on the treadmill. 

Try meditating.  By that I mean go to a quiet place and be still and take a few deep breaths and watch your thoughts float by.  Meditation is arguably the number one mood lifter.  (Some swear it's physical exercise that's number one.  Ok.)

Try smiling and being cheerful.  No matter how you really feel.  Try laughing.  Watch a movie or tv show.  Or read a newspaper.  The point is to have a good laugh and release some negativity.

Have a talk with your Self.  It can be very rewarding.  If you know your Self has come, tell it what you need. 

All these can change your mood.  You don't have to be in a good mood first.  Try some of these and then the good mood comes in warmly afterwards.

Much love..