Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stop, Look, And Listen

Remember that adage from your childhood? It's never been more applicable than it is today. If you make the time to actually stop whatever you're doing, look around you, and just listen to everything inside of you and outside of you, you will help yourself enormously. And you can make the time. These days time will bend to your wishes. (Have you tried that fun exercise of simply saying out loud: Time, slow down. Or Time, speed up. Watch what happens. Do this exercise only when you feel safe and sure.)

Back to Stop, Look, And Listen. Even one minute per day of it can be of benefit. If you have to lock yourself in a restroom to get a moment to stop, do so. Stop your world for just one minute per day. How? Breathe deeply a couple times, get quiet, close your eyes, and hold on to no thought. Watch every thought float gently by without you jumping into it. When the minute or so is up, go back about your business but this time pay a little attention to what is going on in your outer and inner life. You might notice some fascinating things. You will get better and better at noticing things as you begin to regularly stop your world for one minute. Little by little you will make discoveries.

Those of you who meditate already know. You might be wondering why I'm not encouraging 15 - 20 minute meditation periods twice per day. The reason is that most of us proceed in baby steps. Baby steps are easy and can be very effective.

Now is the time for stop, look, and listen. Let your children be aware you've chosen to do this. They may especially demand your attention during the specific times you choose to stop, look, and listen. But if you remain steadfast, they'll eventually realize that everything's fine, what you're doing is not about them, and it's o.k. to let you be.

Love to all...