Saturday, November 14, 2009


At some point it will become apparent that there is no order of difficulty in Reality. We made up order of difficulty. It's the same invention as size only we gave it a different label. To quote one popular saying, It's as easy to create 1 dollar as it is to create 1 million dollars.

Or, it's as easy to stop a war as it is to shut a door.

No size and no order of difficulty. When it's time and you want to, you can See this. The light is here to boost your vision and it will do so if you allow it.

Love to all..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ascension entails many changes. One of them is that we are taking in more light. When you take in more light you start to see better. The light that's coming into people now is light of a special nature so our seeing is getting pretty good.

We're beginning to see things as they are, not as we've imagined them to be. We see that size and proportion were created by us. They don't exist in Reality.

It's important to recognize this. It moves us away from weak separatist thinking and more towards empowered connectedness thinking. The kind that goes with the undeniable oneness we can sometimes feel in moments of joy.

In those moments it's possible to see that we are our surroundings. We can realize we make sizes and proportions and degrees and pretty much everything else because they make a good setting for our purposes here.

Once we see that our surroundings are our own creations, we move a step closer to realizing we're in control of our experiences and they're not in control of us. The meaning (usually fear and helplessness) we attach to size and proportion begins to fade away. Things get leveled out.

Our power increases in the process. Every bit of false belief we see through and let go of gives us ten bits of personal power to reclaim as our own.

Now. Not being quite as foolhardy or ignorant as I've been in the past, something is apparent to me these days that wasn't apparent before. And that is that there's no statement that is applicable to all people everywhere all the time.

That is to say it may not be true for you that you are creating your surroundings and are in control of them.

There are all kinds of factors that can enter into your not being the creator of your experiences. And there are factors that can obscure your awareness that you can be the creator of your experiences.

However, if you are reading this page the likelihood is very high that you are now - or you are on your way to becoming - the head engineer of all your experiences; the chief designer of all you survey.

What this blog addresses is that this is the optimum time to become just that, a Self Realized person. What a marvel.

When you look up at the sky, do you see an expanse of blue, or clouds in various hues from white to pink to lavender? Maybe the sky you see is a vast black background stretching for miles right over your head. A background studded with tiny sparkling lights and a glowing moon.

Maybe you're traveling across the desert and all the blackness and silence feels huge and mysterious, and you feel small and vulnerable.

It's easy to feel at risk in largeness. Sometime after we are born - not right away but some weeks after - we start to develop a sense that just about everything is bigger than us, and is therefore a threat. As we grow we internalize the idea that the damage we can do to the world is miniscule compared to the damage the world can do to us.

But now something's happening. With our increasingly sharper vision something's changing: mentally and physically we're beginning to see things differently.

This place where you are, this earth and all the things on it, is just a place. One place in trillions. There's nothing particularly safe about it; there's nothing particularly dangerous about it. It just is. You picked out this particular place for whatever reasons you may have. You could just as easily have picked someplace else.

Since You chose this place, and it didn't choose you, You are in control here.

That might take some thinking about. So go ahead...think. You can come back here anytime.


You are observing. What you're observing is simply the thoughts you're projecting. You see only what projects from inside of you to "outside" of you. In this place, You create the scenery. You can make it big and threatening or small and controllable.

You might object, I didn't create this "scenery" as you call it! I never would! Good argument. However, this is a shared reality. It doesn't even exist on its own. If you are experiencing this reality it's because you are creating it, along with many other artists. We're all creating this at the same "time".

We have lots of agreements about how and what we'll create and how things will work. You wanted such an environment and being quite capable, you have it. If you stop creating this place for one millisecond you're out of here.

You are the Writer, the Director, the Actor, and the Observer. You can focus on all roles simultaneously or have fun switching from one to another. Bottom line is You're doing it.

If ever you feel willing to accept the fact that You're doing it, then it's a very short jump to the next step. Which is the straightening out of difficulties.

Love to all...