Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's It Like?

What's it like? people ask me. They want to know more about signs and indicators that energy is moving into a new realm, and that they are moving right along with it.

So this message is only for those who feel they are in the ascension process.

And it is only for those who not only feel they are in the process but feel also that the following examples are not out of the realm of possibility for people in the process.


There's a lot that could be shared but I will keep this sample list short for now.

1) You might clearly remember doing something. You have no doubt you did it. But there's no physical evidence you did. And conversly, there is evidence that you did do something but you have no recollection at all of having done it.

For example you might know very well that you parked the car in the sunniest, warmest, part of the parking lot and you remember mentally grumbling about that as you walked into the store. Because the car will be like an oven inside by the time you return.

Then when you come out of the store the car isn't where you parked it. But you parked it there, you know you did. So where is it? Since you don't have an answer to that question you start to assume your memory's faulty. You thought you remembered where you parked but since the car isn't there you must have a poor sense of recall. That's how we use logic sometimes...we use it to doubt ourselves.

So you look and look and finally find the car parked under some shady trees many rows over. Pretty much where you'd wanted to park in the first place, but you'd gotten to the store so late all the good spots were already taken. And the car is nice and cool when you get in it and start it up and drive off.

How did the car get there? You didn't put it there so what's the explanation? Must be that your memory is even worse than you thought.

Not necessarily.

What exactly did happen?

There's more than one possible explanation. But the one that will be mentioned here is that you moved the car. That you did at first park it in the sun. But then you moved it to a shady parking space that was not available when you first arrived at the parking lot, but became available - somehow - some point after you arrived.

How did you do it?

Now we get to the crux of things for this summer of 2010.

There's something that might help you especially well in these days in which we're so rapidly approaching our culmination.

This is it: "How?" is no longer the question to ask first.

When you find the impossible happening in your world, rather than ask How ask When.

There are lots of ways to accomplish something here in our physical world. Lots of Hows. The fundamental thing is that you must have the time and space to do what you wish to accomplish. However you've managed to do something, you first achieved the more valuable goal of making the time and the space for it.

There's a place of no time and no space where anything is possible. As spirit we are intimately familiar with this place. It feels like home to us. But in our everyday lives we completely block our knowledge of the place from our everyday minds. Or rather we used to.

In the higher vibration environment we're now in, we are finding ourselves beginning to operate -- at a level that's at the very edges of being concious-- in that place of no space, no time.

That means that even while we are right here in our everyday physical 3D form, we are getting more concious of non linear time. And more frequently, and just a little bit more conciously, we are going out of time to do work for our 3 dimensional world.

That's one of the reasons all these amazing, incredible, events are happening. They've been happening for a long time but we didn't connect the dots between them and us.

Now we are especially noticing the events because we are bit by bit waking up to the recognition that we are doing them. And for every millimeter of our advance into recognition, the more capable we become of making the events we want.

2) You drop your keys. Luckily you hear them drop and pick them up, thinking I do not want to lose these keys! And you put them deep into your pocket where another set of keys is already. Now both sets are nice and safe in your pocket.

Later when you pull out of your pocket the keys that had dropped - they are hooked securely around the key ring that holds the other set of keys.

You know that all you did was put those keys into your pocket.

You realize there is no way that the one strong metal keyring with one set of keys on it could possibly have engaged itself, locked itself around, the other strong metal keyring which had the other set of keys on it. Keys don't do that, you think.

So what happened?

There are a number of things that could have happened. There are many possibilities, including someone somewhere helping you out.

The main thing is that your saying I do not want to lose these keys! most likely is what precipitated those keys getting locked around each other. Your strong statement made it happen, however it happened.

Here again is where it's helpful not to ask How but to instead ask When. You can account for every second you spent after putting the keys into your pocket and in none of those seconds did you hook one key ring into the other.

So When did this happen? When is the time that the keys became connected? If you can't find a second of time when you were locking those keyrings together then maybe they came together in no time.

3) You hear somebody come in through the front door, go straight to the kitchen and open the fridge. It's 4 pm so you figure it's your 13 year old just home from school. You stay in your room doing whatever you're doing.

At 4:30 you hear the front door open, somebody come in, close the door, and head straight to the kitchen and open the refrigerator.

You go see what's going on. It's your 13 year old.

Did you go out after you came home? you ask. The child doesn't know what you're talking about. He just now got home at 4:30.

You distinctly heard him (or someone with his step) come home at 4 pm. So what happened?

Probably you heard him come home before he came home. Sometimes events get ahead of themselves, particularly these days. The non linearity of time is being noticed more because it is becoming blatant to our 3D senses. And it's becoming blatant to our senses because we're becoming more concious.

Time and space are behaving very fluidly. Along with this we are beginning to conciously operate in time and space in ways that we used to do unconciously.

Facts are apparent now that weren't so apparent before. In a way they are new facts.

How you react to new facts is up to you. What use you make of any kinds of facts, new or old, is up to you. You have your choice and your will. Happy choosing!

Love to all..

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  1. I guess this is why my "timing" has been impecable lately to avoid people I would rather not spend "time" with LOL