Monday, August 30, 2010

The Way It Is

Remember that song?

The way it is:

You know your birthdate. (Or rather you know the date you've been told is your birthdate.)

You've been told who your parents are and who your family is.

You've been told what group you're in and what you can expect for your life as a member of that group.

You've been told what to do with your life to have a low likelihood of an overall unpleasant lifetime.

You've been told what to do with your life to have a high likelihood of an overall tolerable lifetime.

You've been told there are no guarantees in life either way.

You've been told life is a mystery.

You've been told life is a school.

You've been told life is hell.

You've been told the only things certain in life are death and taxes.

You've been told life isn't fair.

You've been told life is a veil of tears.

You've been told you'll never get out of life alive.

You've been told what the average life expectancy is for a person like you.

You've been told you need life "insurance".

You've worked hard and obeyed the rules as best you can. You've seen others who have it better than you and others who have it worse. For both instances, you have your ideas about why.

You hope you're making a difference in someone's life; you hope your stay on earth isn't totally inconsequential.

You've been told to begin now for your inevitable death that will happen sometime in the future.

You hope your death will be relatively peaceful. You hope you will have prepared for it in such a way that there is little to no financial disruption for others.

It pleases you to think of leaving your valuable things to those you feel will appreciate them.

It pleases you to think of at last going to a better place. Where there will be an absence of pain and problems.

That's one way it is. But you don't have to believe it.

Another way it is:

You have already died.

Right in the same body you now occupy, your spirit has already died. It has transformed.

And right in the same body you now occupy, your spirit has been born anew.

Your death and renewal have happened not once or twice but many times since you've been alive. Since your original birth into the body you now occupy.

Maybe you've been sensing something like this, especially lately.

Inside or bodies, in our spirit, we are continually being reborn.

The verb "to die" does not pertain to spirit. It's hard to picture deathlessness in the case of getting born again because we've been told that logic dictates that a rebirth must be preceded by a death. But getting reborn does not involve death as we usually think of death.

What's spiritual rebirth like? It's like an ongoing refreshing, an ongoing flowing up, purifying, and charging of your spirit. Feels Good and Right because it is Good and Right. It's you.

It's like having a warm spring rain shower down on you; it's like being in a fountain..

No, it's more like actually being a fountain. One that pours up, rains down, pours up, rains down. Circles up, down, and all around on itself. It's a cycle, but there's no recycling of anything. Everything is new every time. Everything is for the first time. That's you.

A vessel continually changing yet never changing. It's a cascade. Fresh, fresh, fresh, in every instant. That's you.

Everytime abundant, everytime so much more than enough. No depletion. That's you.

What it can mean for us:

We're eternal.

Worldy situations do not affect us, period. Doesn't matter what we're told or how many times. Much of the information we're given is the exact opposite of the way it is. The information is designed for a tightly controlled and very temporary human existence on earth. That's all.

We're not running out of anything. We're not stuck on anything. It can look to us like we are. Can feel like it too. That's our human view and our human feeling. But that's not the way it is.

The appearance and feeling of running on empty or being stuck or not having enough do not last. They can hurt tremendously for quite a while and they can generate a lot of human activity. But they do not last.

If something doesn't last it is temporary. And if it is temporary, it is not real. It is not the way it is.

Are we really going to "die" "someday" or is somebody just telling us we will? So we don't notice that we are continually dying and getting reborn. So we don't notice that death as a final end is an idea someone invented and uses as a control.

The body you occupy, what will become of it "someday"? Do you know for sure? Do you have a choice in what becomes of it? It's a nice idea to bring the body into the conversation and ask it what it would like to do too.

Used to be only the wise men knew they had a choice in what happens to the body. But the secret's out now. And things don't ever have to be the same again.

One's time to start thinking about whether you want to think about this or not.

Love to all..

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